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Technical details

Arabian Horse Spirit is a luxurious magazine. We chose a high quality paper for the cover (350 g) as well as for the inside pages (135 g). All the articles are in French and in English. It’s a quaterly. You can order a single issue (15 €) or subscribe (45 €) plus shipping fees, on line here.

Arabian horses have improved the other horse breeds for centuries. They gave birth to most of the modern breeds. They are courageous, beautiful horses with a lot of stamina. They are also versatile horses who shine in sport competitions. Every three months in each issue you will find the most important events in France and all over the world. We interview the women and the men who have dedicated their lives to improve their horses.


Because the history and the selection of Arabian horses go back far into time, these horses have played an important part in our culture. That’s why we explore the world of art, design and culture.

Flat racing

Races, auctions, portraits of men and women who breed, train, ride and own racehorses are at the heart of our reports. They help us understand the relationship which unite them both and analyse the events. You will also  visit  racecourses where Arabian races are run worldwide.


Discover the main competitions and the men and women who breed these beautiful horses. We turned to seasoned photographers to show you these horses to their best. From Europe to both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans we interview men and women from various backgrounds but who share the same passion.

Endurance races

Arabian horses are the stars of endurance racing. Their exceptional qualities enable them to succeed in the most important races of the season. Our specialists will present you the most important events as well as new competitions. We will meet breeders and exceptional horses.

Culture and Style

Horses inhabit our cultural life and our daily environment. Through our articles, explore history, visit exhibitions, read books, see films, discover fashion and design thanks to the artists, architects or designers who chose horses as the main theme of their work. You will also discover exceptional places, original and useful items.

Portrait of an artist

They are painters, photographers, sculptors. They open their studios and share their art with us. Come and admire their horses, explore their creative world.

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