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Virginie Bauer - Chief Editor

Virginie Bauer is an English scholar and translator from English. After writing a Phd about Australian cinema she has been teaching English at school and university. Under the guidance of French riding master Jean-Yves Bonnet she learnt riding as a child then classical dressage and trek riding.  Together they wrote L’éducation du cheval dans la joie (Actes Sud). From 2013 to 2015 she organised La route du sel (the salt road), an emblematic riding trek created in 1984. Many of her articles have been published in various French and international magazines and newspapers. She also co-hosts a show dedicated to horses, « Les messagers du cheval» , broadcasted by CFM radio. She is the happy owner of a Barb stallion and a donkey.

Estelle Delesque - Graphic designer

Estelle Delesque was in charge of communication, endurance and flat racehorses at Bozouls breeding in France. Now she is free-lance working in communication and as a graphic designer. She recently became a member of the Arabian Horse Spirit team, being the new graphic designer of the magazine, writing stories.

Claudie Macaigne - Communication and business development manager

Claudie Macaigne grew up in Chantilly where she developed a passion for horses. Trained as a statistician she worked for major companies as market researcher for years before coming back to her first love at La Teste racecourse in the South-West of France. There she created the position of communication manager and has helped developing this dynamic Société des Courses. She discovered the world of Arabian purebreds and its main actors, breeders, owners, trainers or sponsors. More than anything she admires this animal of rare beauty and keen intelligence.

Now a breeder of race horses she remains active within the Société des Courses helping defining its broad policy as a member of the board. - +33 (0)6 62 61 60 94

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Anette Varjonen - Photographer

Anette Varjonen is from Finland. When she was young she used to spend all her spare time at the stables. She has always been fascinated by horses. For twenty-five years now she has been photographing them at home and all over the world. She loves natural light and harmonious colours which she uses to express her admiration and tenderness for horses. « My goal is to capture the beauty of the horse inn my photos and art, with respect and sensitivity. » she said.

Anaïs Levé

Anais Levé was born in Albi, France. She’s always been passionate about horses. She blooms at their side first as a rider then as a photographer. For some years now she is a professional photographer thus she can bind her love for pictures and horses whether they are from Spain or Portugal, performing in show jumping competitions or under the sunlight of equestrian shows. She now follows us on various competitions, capturing racing and endurance Arabian horses. She owns a dressage horse with whom she shares many emotions.

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